Money and XP Cheat – CheatEngine Steam Fix

ETS2 Money and XP Cheat
With CheatEngine you can add money and XP to ETS2. But on Steam there are errors when trying to change XP values unless you are using this cheat table.

ETS2 CheatCheatEngine Steam Fix - Cheat table

This mod was originally by a user of this site. The mod had an issue with the Steam edition of the game, therefore, using the relatively simple CheatEngine, I managed to find and repair the incorrect data, or simply, make it work.
As the edition posted at the link below was for a much earlier version of ETS2, I ended up repairing the factor that had been working with the Steam version as well, relating to a completely original modification, just building upon the original idea and concept.
Below is the link to the original mod, it has step by step instructions and a workaround, such as having negative funds, that is really useful.
If at all, this modification is not acting 100% properly, referring there will give you the information you might need to fix any sort of issue.
As well, this modification is not necessarily standalone, it requires the free CheatEngine program, information of which can be found at the “Parent” modification page.

Assuming you already know how use CheatEngine:
1. Open CheatEngine
2. Open ETS2
3. Open ETS2 application in CheatEngine
4. Then add the cheat table file provided below
5. Now scan for XP value and change it
6. After that just close CheatEngine
7. Take your truck to the street then come back in the menu
8. Now you have the desired XP amount.

For more details on how to use CheatEngine view this page.
We have tested this on 1.19 beta Steam version and it worked with zero errors.

Credits: KairoKura
Thank you kindly for the fix KairoKura 🙂

Mod: Money and XP Cheat – CheatEngine Steam Fix

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Download the Fix (504B) (dropbox)

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