SiSL’s Mega Pack 1.5.1

SiSL’s Mega Pack 1.5.1
Update 1.5.1 for the SiSL Mega Pack of interior addons for ETS2, tested on 1.22 version.


v1.5 – SCS Tools
– SCS Blender Tools are welcome so redesigning process started, I will modernize old existing items starting from this version following future updates. Added support for 50 custom trucks including ATS models, even though ATS does not yet support Cabin Accessories (just in case)

– Delorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future car) to traffic and toystand.
– Volkswagen Flower Power Van Toy
– Decorative Globe (Old style)
– Planet Earth (Hangtoy)
– Luna (Moon) Hangtoy – Luminant
– Wunderbaums can now be hanged to Glass as well
– Customizable Wunderbaums on both glass and hangtoy
– Fallout: T45, T51, T60 and X01 Helmets
– CB Radio (UK & EU versions for both type of trucks)
– Maneki Neko Porceline Statuette
– Minions for glass and hang toy
– Buzz Lightyear
– Bigger Trophy (Customizable)
– Angry Birds: Terence, Bubbles, Stella, Matilda, Blues
– Pigs: Corporal Pig, King Pig, Foreman Pig
– Sonic Screwdriver (Doctor Who)
– Mario & Luigi from Mario Bros
– Super Mushroom from Mario Bros
– Lightning McQueen from Cars
– Spider-man as hangtoy
– Water Bottles wrapped for Big slot

– Helmet – Phasma (Episode VII)
– Rey as co-driver (Episode VII)
– Luke Skywalker as co-driver, Jedi Knight (Episode VI)

– Juliette,
– Rey
– Luke
– Ellis

– BB-8
– Melissa
– Yasemin
– Ayça
– Ilhami
– Lord Vader
– C3PO
– Ben Kenobi
– Darth Vader’s Lightsaber
– Skywalker Lightsaber
– Obi-wan’s Lightsaber
– Luke’s Lightsaber
– Darth Vader’s Helmet
– Stormtrooper & First Order Stormtrooper helmets
– Wall-E & E.V.E
– Taz
– Trophy
– Sportsbag
– Vault Boy
– Dalek
– Smeagol
– Water Bottle

Mod: SiSL’s Mega Pack 1.5.1

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