Grey Skies Weather Mod 2.1

Grey Skies Weather Mod 2.1
This is update 2.1 for the Grey Skies Weather Mod made by Grimes.


This mod replaces the default weather with random sunny, cloudy and misty weather.

Normal Version: 50% sunny, 50% cloudy or misty weather
Light Version: 75% sunny, 25% cloudy weather
Improved rain
Darker lighting and skies during rainy weather
Darker nights
Compatible with my Spring, Summer and Autumn mods

*There are two versions in the download pack, only use one at a time.

Compatibility Latest Version: 1.24, 1.23, 1.22

Works with Promods, RusMap, MHA and most others.

This mod should be given a high priority in Mod Manager.

Changes in v2.1
Light version added
Mid-afternoon sky texture issue fixed

Mod: Grey Skies Weather Mod 2.1

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Download (235MB) (sharemods)

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