MHAPro map EU 1.5.1

MHAPro map EU 1.5.1
Download MHAPro map EU 1.5.1 mod by MsHeavyAlex for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.11 version.


Changes v1.5.1:
1. re-design normal road from Leipzig to Magdeburg (D)
2. new gas/parking station near Magdeburg (D)
3. fixed small bug near IKEA Wien (A)
4. fixed colission problem on border Italy (Venezia) to Austria (Klagenfurt)
5. fixed small bug in Roadwork -Trunov(CZ)
6. new Service garage look in Sillian (A)
7. new city Lienz (A)
– Fastrans company
– Stokes company
– Lidl company
– Sawmill1 company
8. fixed speed on Amsterdam crosses
9. re-design normal road from Milano (I) to Torino (I)
10. re-design normal road from Torino (I) to Bern (CH)
11. re-design normal road north from Osnabrück (D)
12. new company in Torino (I) – Sawmill
13. small fixes in Verona (I)
14. re-design normal road from Kassel (D) to Dortmund (D)
15. complete new signs in SIllian (A)

Mod: MHAPro map EU 1.5.1

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This map is compatible with RusMap version 1.3
Download links:
Link1 Download (400MB) (officialsite)

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