MsHeavyAlex map mod EU v 1.4

MsHeavyAlex map mod EU v 1.4
Download MsHeavyAlex map mod EU v 1.4 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.9.22 version.


Changes MsHeavyAlex mod map EU 1.4. (Compatible with 1.9.22.):
1. new position of Toll gates near Reims
2. new company in game – Fueltrans (mostlly work with fuel)
3. new city Ammanford (UK)
4. new company Fueltrans in Ammanford (UK)
5. new company Transport21 in Ammanford (UK)
6. new company Fastrans in Ammanford (UK)
7. new company Maxilla in Ammanford (UK)
8. fixed lights in some buildings ( for night )
9. fixed cross in Birmingham
10. new company Fueltrans in Manchester (UK)
11. new company Transport21 in Manchester (UK)
12. new company Fueltrans in Wroclaw (PL)
13. new company Fastrans in Poznan (PL)
!! you must have DLC East !!
The map will not work with any other older version before patch 1.9.22. !! (has never been tested,
we recommend to keep the game up to date!) The best results you’ll get with latest version.
How to use it ?
1. download .rar document
2. put MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.4.- economy and MsHeavyAlex Mod map EU 1.4.- map in : Libraries/Documents/EuroTruckSimulator2/mod
3. run the game
– Nico (ProMods) – city gas station,IKEA,Bauhaus with zModeler
– Tobias – DAF truck models
– MsHeavyAlex – map modeler, EUROPA company, Fastransport company, Maxilla company
Transport 21 company, Fueltrans company and some signs
– Aneya (Alex daughter), some models and signs with zModeler
– Nishant – some signs, Prefab LeClerc with zModeler

Mod: MsHeavyAlex map mod EU v 1.4

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Download via official FB page
Other files:
Real Economy – HARD to play: Download (2KB) (mediafire)
More traffic mod: Download (0.4KB) (mediafire)

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