Offroad Map – South Korea 2.4

Offroad Map - South Korea 2.4
It’s not the first time we see this crazy map. Hemil (the author) calls it South Korea Offroad Map.


I haven’t been to South Korea yet, but I doubt it looks like this 😆
Offroad map? Yes, it’s definitely off-road. It’s also off-planet, off-world, off-everything. It should ne called ETS2 Fantasy Map of “What Planet is this Map?”
There are 2 versions: one is with and another one without Promods:

This map is an addon so it works with default map, no need for a new profile.
To go in South Korea region you have to take the ferry from Calais.

Changes in 2.4 version:
– Updated for 1.20 patch
– Compatible with other maps and DLC North and East.
– Should work fine with any other map like TSM, RusMap, etc.
– It has 18 cities and 27 off-roads.
– Added Speed Testing Road & Physics Testing Ground
– Added with Promods and without Promods option
– More info here:

Mod: Offroad Map – South Korea 2.4

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Download map (16MB) (mediafiepro)
Download map (16MB) (mega)

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