Panjelajers Indo Map Mod 1.6

Panjelajers Indo Map Mod 1.6
Get te latest updated version of the Panjelajers Indo Map, it’s number 1.6 at the moment.


– This map is an addon, so it works with your current profile
– It adds new cities to the default map
– You can reach there by Calais and Dover ports

New in this version 1.6:
– Only one .SCS file now: panbase.scs
– All southern part was reworked
– Added new models
– Moved and replaced Madang, Airawa and Demangu
– Reworked all signs
– Fixed definition of camera limits and ui camera map, IDR currency, and updated country definition and gas priced
– Other bugs were fixed

How to install:
– Cancel or finish your current delivery and edit your profile
– Activate map file in mod manager
– If you have older version of this map, deactivate them first

– Septian_MR

Mod: Panjelajers Indo Map Mod 1.6

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Download (84MB) (mediafire)
Download (84MB) (blogspot)
New version

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