ProMods 2.0

ProMods 2.0
Update 2.0 for ProMods map was recently released. Map was tested and is working on 1.22, latest ETS2 patch.


ProMods 2.0 contains the following new content:
– Thousands of virtual kilometers of new roads to explore.
– 68 new cities, spread over 16 countries.
– 5 new major city rebuilds.
– 7 new countries: Andorra, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Spain and Ukraine.
– Enhancements in Scandinavia.
– A full scenery reconstruction of Iceland, and a scenery update of Finland and Faroe Islands.
– Full merge of Poland Rebuilding.
– Future compatibility advancements with RusMap.
– New country-specific road markings applied on large portions of the map.
– Uneven road surfaces, slippery icy roads, border stations, speed bumps and many more features to explore!

Mod: ProMods 2.0

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How to download and install tutorial
ProMods download page
Version 2.01 is out

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