ProMods 1.96

ProMods v 1.96
Download ProMods v 1.96 map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.19 version + Scandinavia DLC.


We updated our map with version 1.95 to fix several bugs and ensure compatibility with the latest update of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can download the updated version from our download site. And don’t forget to generate a new DEF file, since we made some changes there too!

ProMods in its original form was not compatible with the Scandinavia DLC. To give you the chance to enjoy the new DLC, we decided to release a version with our Scandinavia being removed. In this version some roads and ferry ports on the German/Danish border were changed to fit the vanilla DLC map and and make it compatible with the Scandinavia DLC.

Due to some changes in the map files of ETS2, we decided to release our current version as ETS2 1.18 compatible. This way we don’t need another update when SCS releases its next update.

Unfortunately the complexity of releasing one version that works with and one that works without the Scandinavia DLC, we came to the decision to release only the version that requires the Scandinavia DLC. But for people playing ETS2 without the Scandinavia DLC, version 1.91 is still available with help of a compatibility patch for ETS2 1.17.x / 1.18.x.

After downloading, ensure that all 3 SCS files are placed in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 mods folder.

You should have:
– promods-def-vXXX.scs
– promods-map-vXXX.scs
– promods-vXXX.scs

(where XXX is the version number)

Now start the game and go to your profile list, click your profile and press EDIT
Please make sure that all 3 files are ENABLED in your profile.

In case you had an older version of ProMods installed, either deactivate them in your profile or remove them from your mod folder!



Mod: ProMods 1.96

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