RusMap 1.6.3

RusMap 1.6.3
This is version 1.6.3 for the RusMap for ETS2, working on 1.23 patch.


Update 1.6.3:
– New cities: Kolomna
– New roads: A108, P115, M5
– Rebuilding cities: Moscow
– Added new prefabs, models and companies
– Fixed bugs previous version
– Adaptation for OpenGL mode
– Others fix
– Compatibility maps: ProMods, MHAPro map EU, TSM. More info please read Readme file.
– Note: To work correctly, the RusMap should be kept below the list of mods.
– Full compatibility 1.23 game version

This is an addon map, it expands the default one so it does not require new profile.

Mod: RusMap 1.6.3

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Download (200MB) part1
Download (200MB) part2
Download (200MB) part3
Download (31MB) part4

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