Russian Open Spaces Map 5.0 [1.28]

Russian Open Spaces Map 5.0
This is update 5.0 of the Russian Open Spaces Map mod made for ETS2, 1.28 tested.

New in 5.0:
– Added new city of KINESHMA.
– Created two new companies “Tug” and “Car”,which was shown in the last
The industrial zone. A broken truck can be towed by any tractor.
– Added to the traffic, the trucks that carry only freight card.
– Created a new company “RUSSIA” and new trailers.
In the showroom you can buy a truck with the company logo.
– Created a new company “Wrecker”.
– Added tractor tow truck on the base of Scania, dealers Scania and Wagon. The truck can only haul cargo,where it is written for a TOW truck.
– Fixed bugs previous version.

– Russia map with 63 cities
– Required: 1.28 .x + DLC Going East!
– DLC Scandinavia and DLC France not needed
– Credits: MOROZOV and others

Mod: Russian Open Spaces Map 5.0 [1.28]

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DOWNLOAD (595MB) Part.1
DOWNLOAD (30MB) Part.2
DOWNLOAD (295MB) Part.3
DOWNLOAD (202MB) Part.4
DOWNLOAD (75MB) Part.5

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