Truck Sim Map v4.1.0 – for 1.5.2 and DLC Going East

Truck Sim Map v4.1.0 - for 1.5.2 and DLC Going East
Download Truck Sim Map v4.1.0 mod by TSM team for Euro Truck Simulator 2, works with 1.5.2 and Going East DLC.

This map is playable version from version 1.5.2 !
Anyone who has been playing the last patch (Version 1.5.2 ) , should have no problems with the game .
Take the old map out and put the four new parts inside. The map should work with and without DLC Going East .
Don’t forget to edit your profile and the enable the new mods.
Those who have had a garage in Gyor ,sell it before starting in this the new map , as we had to dissolve this place because of the DLC . Österreich in Darfur, there is a new place.
(The Österreicher Mogen us the location of St. polten forgive. , It had to be quick so that the release may appear. Therefore had to be used a free space in the map..)
We’ve split the mod into four individual packages:

  • TSM_Map_4_1_0_defs & mat.scs
  • TSM_Map_4_1_0_map.scs
  • TSM_Map_4_1_0_model.scs
  • TSM_Map_4_1_0_prefab & more.scs

All four parts must be placed in the mod folder !
Dividing the mods also has the advantage that maps released a fixed subsequently exchanged more easily .
Who uses the Just Play Mod ( JPM ) , the new map should not use because it Abstürzen
will lead ! The new Just Play Mod ( JPM ) will appear in the next few days .
Credits: (and our thank you to )
SCS Software for the GrundMap with all the trimmings .
50keda for the new business plan and sell Kaarfor .
FLD / TZ for the new prefabs and models ( may not be used for free use !)
kamaz for signs
Rice Lord for signs
valera_t for different Mapmodelle
Königszapfen for the pictures
Should not remain unmentioned Carinthian, the rebuilding in Frankfurt, Tripoli and Aalborg
has been made.
If we have forgotten someone looks for us. We are happy to bring this into the next version after .
We wish all users a wrinkle- free travel .
Your TSM team
We do our work for the fun of the thing , and they are also continue to keep it open . But since we often asked about donations were possible.
Support provides exclusively only with details of the log file
TruckSim TruckSim Map of MODS is under a Creative Commons
Attribution -NonCommercial -NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License .
Based on a work at Download Only the original link from TSM ( ) .
Permissions beyond the scope of this license can be obtained under
This mod may only be charged on the offered download links !
The mod may not be offered to other file hosters !

Download links:
Link1 Download (315MB) (cloudzer & uploaded)

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