TSM Map 6.0

TSM Map 6.0
Update TSM Map 6.0 mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.17 and 1.18 versions.


This map can be used at the moment with or without DLC’s. However, we give no guarantee that this will remain so in other patches of SCS.
We have splitted our map in six parts:
– TSM_Map_6_defs&mat.scs
– TSM_Map_6_map.scs
– TSM_Map_6_model_01.scs
– TSM_Map_6_model_02
– TSM_Map_6_model_03.scs
– TSM_Map_6_prefab&more.scs
The six parts are shown in the gamelog.txt as „6.0“

These map is not compatible with other maps! You shouldn’t have any other map in your map directory!

Mod: TSM Map 6.0

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Download (711MB) (sharemods)

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