Vladzz-G’s Add-on for ProMods Map 2.01

Vladzz-G’s Add-on
This is Vladzz-G’s Add-on for ProMods Map 2.01, tested on 1.22 version.

New stuff:
– New cities in Latvia: Balvi and Gulbene
– Saaremaa island in Estonia: Kuressaare and village Sääre
– New roads in Latvia: P24, P27, P35, P43, P45, P46, V386
– New roads in Estonia: N9, N10, T60, T76, T77, T78

– Terrain gap in Pārnu (EST)
– Added camera intro cutscene in Valka
– Changed road overlay “A8” in Lithuania into lithuanian one.
– Makes estonian and latvian license plates more realistic.
– Makes slovenian, russian and belorussian trailer’s license plates more realistic.
– CTD bug in Rīga, opening truck dealer.

This map mod requires:
– ProMods map version 2.01
– Going East and Scandinavia DLC’s

This map also works with RusMap.

Mod: Vladzz-G’s Add-on for ProMods Map 2.01

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Download (2MB) (yandex)
Download (2MB) (mega)
Download (2MB) (cloud)

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