Arab World Radio Stations v1

Arab World Radio Stations v1Arab World Radio Stations v1 is available for ETS2 game.

Arab World Radio Stations v1

This is the first version, with 20 radio stations from Arabian world.
The mod is compatible with 1.29 and 1.30 patches.
Radio stations are: Hamegan, Fouedb, Khalid Al Julyel, Cedars VOL plus, Dzair Orientale, Drdchati, Dzair Echaabia, The Moroccan, Yabladi, Radio ITMA, BanhaCity, Falstini, Angamy, Lbi Radio, Sawt Beirut, Rai Dzair, Dzair, Hawana, Star Maroc and Damar FM

Credits: Melafdifi

Mod: Arab World Radio Stations v1

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