Complete Winter Mod 2.5

Complete Winter Mod 2.5
Download update 2.5 for Complete Winter Mod mod by satan19990 for ETS 2 mods, tested on 1.21 version.

ETS2 Complete Winter Mod 2.5

What this mod changes?
– New asphalt, roads, terrain, water and vegetation texture
– Added Christmas decorations, lights, Christmas trees, etc.
– Snowed some buildings
– Snowdrifts, snowmen instead of combine harvesters and tractors
– Snowplow truck added in AI traffic
– Dirty AI cars, trucks, trailers, snowed wheels
– Dirty road signs
– Snow on the windshield trucks
– New sounds of rain
– I added orange streetlights
– Horizontal markings have been removed
– Remove cows, bales of straw, harvesters etc.

Changes in v2.5
– Improved mod for 1.21 patch
– Few new snow textures
– Improved mod for SC DLC
– Added snow and other winter details on many buildings
– Changes in weather and day time
– X-mas atmosphere on DLC SC (Trelleborg, Malmo, Kobenhavn, Helsingborg)
– Improved mod for maps Pro Mods, Poland Rebuilding, RusMap i TSM Map.

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Mod: Complete Winter Mod 2.5

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Update 2.5.1

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