ETS 2 save game (1.7.0)

ETS 2 save game
This save game is useful for testing mods, this way you don’t risk to break your own profile. This save game was made without using any mods on version 1.7.0 + Going East DLC.

ETS 2 save game - map exploredETS 2 save game - garages mapETS 2 save game - truck dealersets2 savegame

ETS 2 save game by Transport3rRZ80
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Please keep in mind that this is just for testing mods (research profile), if you want to really enjoy the game you should use your own profile.
No mods where used on this profile
– CheatEngine was used with zero errors
– 82 garages – useful for quick travel
– Map explored: 70%
– Profile level: 31
– Trucks/drivers: 46
– Money: +29.000.000
– Made on Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.7.0 + Going East DLC
– Tested on retail and Steam version.

How to install:
Extract using WinRar and place it in:
C:UsersyournameDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2profiles

Mod: ETS 2 save game (1.7.0)

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Download links:
Link1 Download (1MB) (vk)
Link2 Download (1MB) (yandexdisk)
Link3 Download (1MB) (mediafire)
Link4 Download (1MB) (zippyshare)
Link5 Download (1MB) (sendspace)
Link6 Download (1MB) (skydrive)

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