Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather 4.0

Frosty Weather 4.0
Download Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather 4.0 mod made by Grimes for ETS2, tested on 1.16 version.

It is recommended to disable other weather and lighting mods, if you wish to use them then please enable them before this one.
Optional Realistic Snow Mod
Credits: GearJammer55 & Grimes
Optional Longer Nights Mod
Daylight hours between 0700 to 1700
In order for both Realistic Snow and Longer Nights to works the Frosty mod has to be enabled after other weather and lighting mods.

Also includes:
– Snow instead of rain
– No thunder and lightning
– 0700 to 1900 daylight hours
– Lighting optimised for frosty landscape

Mod: Frosty Late/Early Winter Weather 4.0

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Download (296MB) (mediafire)

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