Improved Weather Mod 1.3

Improved Weather Mod 1.3
Download Improved Weather 1.3 mod by BlackOpen for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested from 1.8.2 up to versions.

Improved Weather Mod 1.3 video:

1. Added several types of sunrise and sunset, they are now five.
2. Added several types of clear weather, now there are eight.
3. When dark clouds adding light haze.
4. Matched haze for clear weather.
5. Redone morning and evening, more gentle transition.
6. Reworked the morning mist.
7. Corrected total colors.
8. Redone sun.
9. Redesigned headlights, far shines brighter.
10. Redone the sun’s rays.

Mod: Improved Weather Mod 1.3

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Download links:
Link1 Download (16MB) (uploaded)

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