Kaynesian Econ 2015

Kaynesian Econ 2015
Realistic economy with no fines, increased bonuses and reputation points, all new AI-traffic colors, all oversized cargoes go to all companies and all new Superliner Physics v10 special edition.

– Bank data = Changed overdraft duration
– Feat data = Review of Undamaged cargo deliveries in a row
– Increased Rep points and bonuses
– AI-traffic cars = More colors
– Cargo = All companies receive and contain over-sized cargo
– Ferry = Increased ferry times and reviewed ticket fare prices
– Traffic = Reviewed truck traffic
– Economy data = 0 cargo damage penalties, new currencies (KES, RND, NGN, AUD)
– Increased skill distance & extras.

Mod: Kaynesian Econ 2015

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Download (3MB) (mediafire)

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