Mod Maker 2.0

Mod Maker 2.0
Mod Maker 2.0 is a program software meant to help you in making mods more easily. It has a set of tools such as Manifest Creator, Cargo Creator, Mod merging and more.

Mod Maker

After you install is, you must set the base extraction folder – where base.scs archive is extracted. If you need to do that first, use SCS Extractor or ETS2 Studio.
If you are using, please send feedback to it’s authors so he can improve it.

Features at a Glance:
Create New Mod
Edit existing Mod
Import files / folders into Mod
Copy – Paste Import for files / folders
5 Mod Presets for Mod’s that you are working on
Edit .sii, .mat, .tobj files with or without external editor
Automatically keeps a one version back history on file edit (.sii, .mat)
Rename any file / folder
Use a Difference tool to see differences between original and Mod files
Merge two Mods with conflict checking
Un-Merge a Mod (remove merge files)
Create Cargoes
Remove unwanted created cargo
Edit AI Traffic
Search for files by name, partial name or extension
Automatically checks base and def scs archives for changes
Internal Base and Def scs extraction
Automatically copy Mod to Game Mod Folder
Create scs archive for use in-game, with or without password
Create Upload zip for Mod sharing
Game Log File viewer
Detailed Help file
Three interfaces Java Version, Windows Standard Version, Windows WPF Version
Plus more features to make Mod creation simple.

Mod: Mod Maker 2.0

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