ETS2 no speed limit

NO Speed Limit - Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod
NO Speed Limit mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 game. Now you can reach much more than 90 km/h.

Use one of this mods to unlock the speed limit so you can drive faster.
Multiple versions:
v1 No Speed Limit ETS 2 Mod: No-Speed-Limit-200Km_h-by-chritrucks Tested up to 1.4.1
v2 No Speed Limit ETS 2 Mod: no_speed_limit
v3 No Speed Limit ETS 2 Mod: nospeedlimit2_by_merlinita

Mod: ETS2 no speed limit

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UPDATE from version 1.4.8 and up – disable speed limiter from game settings:
disable speed limiter from gameplay settings

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