Realistic Weather Sound 1.7 (patch 1.16)

Realistic Weather
Download Realistic Weather Sound 1.7 mod by nIGhT-SoN for ETS2 mods, tested on 1.16 version.


Changelog v1.7
– Some optimizations (original game renders maximum 5000 drops, I reduced it to maximum 3500 drops)
– Drops last a bit longer to compensate for the reduction in the drops number, actually now visibility is harder while raining than in vanilla
– Drops come in different size and viscosity, some are very fluid and some are stickier, not like honey of course πŸ˜†
– Drops have a stronger distortion effect and blurriness
– Small update to work without any problems with ProMods v1.9

Download (2MB) (sharemods)
Download (2MB) (uploadfiles)

Mod: Realistic Weather Sound 1.7 (patch 1.16)

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ProMods 1.9 fix:
Download (4MB) (uploadfiles)

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