RED Expert Mod for 1.5.2 patch

RED Expert Mod for 1.5.2 patch
This mod makes the sky more beautiful, cloud formation, vegetation and adds HD road surfaces. Download the HD textures and then add the following line in the config file to make it work.


Add uset g_texture_hd_enabled “1″ to config.cfg file from Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder. (Note: use this only if you have a powerful PC with at least 8 GB RAM)
As far I tested, this mod will also play nice with Promods (and perhapse TSM).
Recommendation disable color correction and HDR option in the game graphics menu and use in combination with the SweetFX attached. (As some have experienced problems with SweetFX, you may use this only optional, is not needed for the mod).
UPDATE 21/09/2013 Corrected faulty textures.
UPDATE 27/09/2013 MUCH Improved light flares, truck and AI headlights, a brighter Night environment and moon.
UPDATE 28/09/2013 Slight adjustment of light flares.
UPDATE 29/09/2013 Corrected night time skybox textures.
UPDATE 01/10/2013 Optimized, corrected textures, light flares (now warmer and specular), added and tweaked things.
UPDATE 02/10/2013 Added and modified some models, removed (potential) conflicts prone traffic data with other mods and left only the necessary things needed for a good experience.
UPDATE 04/10/2013 Further tweaks
*Before you comment and complain, please check and make sure your other mods don’t interfere with this one.

Mod: RED Expert Mod for 1.5.2 patch

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Author: AlterEgos
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