Rich Easy Start Savegame – Level 100

Rich Start Savegame - Level 100
In this profile you are a very rich driver and have 100 XP level. But you only have one truck and one garage with only 1.6% explored map.

Rich Start SavegameLevel 100 Savegameets2 savegame

Rich Start Savegame – Level 100:
– Almost 1 billion Euros and level 100 XP
– Only one garage and one truck, 1.6% map explored, no hired drivers
– This was made using CheatEngine with no errors
– Zero mods were used
– Made on Steam with Going East and Scandinavia DLC’s, patch

How to install:
– Place 35306B656461 folder in C:\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles
– Start the game and select the new profile
– You must have at least 1.19 patch and DLC Scandinavia and Going East!

– Mura-Tura-Truck and KairoKura for Steam XP Fix.

Mod: Rich Easy Start Savegame – Level 100

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Download savegame (0.1MB) (dropbox)

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