Save game w/ 82 garages

Save game w/ 82 garages
This ETS2 profile is for testing purposes only, it’s useful if you want to easily test mods in different cities without using your profile. You need at least version and Going East DLC.

ETS2 Save game
Save game w/ 82 garages:
Garages: 82 – useful for quick travel
Money – 29 million euros
No mods where used on this profile!
I did used cheatengine but with 0 errors.
Profile was tested on both steam and retail (original) versions.
Don’t use auto-save games, always load.
Install: Extract and copy 455453324D6F64732E6F7267 folder in: C:UsersYOUDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2 folder.
Author – Transport3rRZ80
Download links:
Link1 Download (1MB) (vk)
Link2 Download (1MB) (mediafire)
Link3 Download (1MB) (zippyshare)

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