Winter Mod Complete (version 2.0)

Winter Mod Complete
This is Winter Mod Complete (version 2.0), a mod made by satan19990 for ETS2 mods, tested on 1.14.2 version.


How to use:
– Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [BASE] – The basic part of the mod. necessary for the proper functioning
– Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [ADDON] – more snow on asphalt – part of the mod which adds more texture of the snow-covered asphalt, adding a snowplow, snowed wheels, etc. Do not change over driving physics, the car will behave like on normal asphalt.
– Complete Winter Mod v2.0 [ADDON] Extreme – change the driving physics in the game, it is very slippery, slow motion AI.
– CWM_HDR_FIX – if you use HDR and snow is too bright, use this file.

Mod: Winter Mod Complete (version 2.0)

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Download links:
For patch/version 1.14.x – Download (180MB) (sharemods)
For patch/version 1.13.x and older – Download (180MB) (sharemods)
New version 2.2

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