Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound 1.5

Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound 1.5
Download Sneepels V8 Sound 1.5 mod made by Bennekeben and CommadoreOne for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.19 version.


1.5 changes:
– New interior exhaust sound sample
– Changed pitches
– Increased / decrease samples
– Idle changes : louder + pitch , tick and bass
– Engine torques + power fixed/changed , some engines have been changed
to there original hp engines to match with the Badges.
– Badges on grills added for most popular hp rate
in the v8 engine class. Also added original stand alone badges
to the trucks that have there personal badge + also working for painted grills.
For 1000 hp and few others there is no badge on grill.
– new shop icon for engine 1.5
– price list fixed 1.5 engine will be propperly listed on horse power.
– Still includes All sound updates from version1.0 > 1.5
5 different sounds.

More info here:

Mod: Bennekeben’s Sneepels V8 Sound 1.5

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Download (34MB) (uploadfiles)

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