Sound Fixes Pack 15.1 (Stable Release)

Sound Fixes Pack 15.1
And here is update 15.1 for the popular Sound Fixes Pack mod for ETS2, tested on 1.23 version.


New version:
– Fixed strange sound loop bug occurring in some modded trucks and modded engine sound mods.
– Volumes of common sounds inside the truck now defined to have consistency across all truck mods and engine sound mods.
– New stick sound for wiper control.
– Fine-tuned some gear grinding sounds.
– Fine-tuned some environment sounds.
– 1 new forest ambiance sound.
– Reworked cafe ambiance sound for cafe in Russian Open Spaces map.

Credits: SCS, Drive Safely, antonvezdehod, Ludmilla, Katixa/Irreo, Balamut, AlexeyP, Stewen, nIGhT-SoN.

Mod: Sound Fixes Pack 15.1 (Stable Release)

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Download (139MB) (gdrive)
Download (139MB) (uploadfiles)
New version

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