BDF Tandem Pack 37

BDF Tandem Pack 37
Update 37 for BDF Tandem Pack mod made by Flemming Vinge, SCS and 50keda’s Blender plugin. Tested on 1.18 patch.


Updates 37.0:
– This Latest update is mainly update/bug fixes to collision boxes and Mercedes Benz Actros fender.
– Iveco Hiway Cabin collision boxes has been adjusted so bottom of truck doesn’t hit the ground and damage the truck.
– Fender hole (where lights where) are now fixed on Mercedes Benz Actros 2014.
– I have found a piece of road in Odense which show me when truck collision box hits the road.
– I have now testet ALL trucks and ALL chassis there and there was not any more problems with this now.

Mod: BDF Tandem Pack 37

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Download (472MB) (vinge)
Download (209MB) (uploadfiles) – .rar archive
– New version: BDF Tandem Pack 38

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