BDF Tandem Truck Pack v76 [ETS2 1.27]

BDF Tandem Truck Pack v76
And here is version 76.0 for the popular BDF Tandem Truck Pack mod by Flemming V.


Changelog: v76
– Updated non power axle to power steer axle on all chassis 6×4 Taglift
– Renamed all chassis 6×2 to 6×2*4
– Renamed all chassis 6×2 Taglift to 6×2*4 Taglift
– Renamed all chassis 8×4 to 8×4*4
– Renamed all chassis 8×4 Taglift to 8×4*4 Taglift

New trucks, chassis and trailers.

Mod: BDF Tandem Truck Pack v76 [ETS2 1.27]

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New version 80

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