New Backlight Doll Vario 3Achs V 6.3

New Backlight Doll Vario 3Achs V 6.3New Backlight Doll Vario 3Achs V 6.3 made for ETS2.

New Backlight Doll Vario 3Achs V 6.3

Hello! Here is a big pack of cargo, 24 standalone trailers, and 8 Ai traffic included steerable wheels and advanced coupling.
Is good to have DLC Scandinavia / France / Italia

“Cargo: Weihnachts Geschenke Weight: 20 tons
Cargo: Leerruecktransport Doll 3Achs Weight: 4 tons traffic
Cargo: Regenueberlaufbecken Fuchs Weight: 25 tons
Cargo: Generator Alt Weight: 25 tons traffic
Cargo: Leerruecktransport Liftachs Weight: 5 tons
Cargo: Platemaker Transport Weight: 18 tons traffic
Cargo: Yacht Transport Weight: 15 tons
Cargo: WKA Generatorfundament Weight: 20 tons
Cargo: ENO Maschinenhaus Leer Weight: 18 tons
Cargo: Caterpillar D7H Weight: 25 tons
Cargo: Ulferts BF3 Ruecktransport Weight: 4 tons
Cargo: Caterpillar 980H Weight: 30 tons
Cargo: John Deere 9630 Weight: 19 tons
Cargo: Gabelstapler Komatsu Weight: 10 tons traffic
Cargo: Krone BigPack 1290XC/HDP Weight: 16 tons traffic
Cargo: Wind Turbine Teile Weight: 28 tons traffic
Cargo: Turm Halbschale 1 Weight: 34 tons
Cargo: Turm Halbschale 2 Weight: 28 tons
Cargo: Turm Halbschale 3 Weight: 24 tons traffic
Cargo: Spare wheel Dumpers Weight: 5 tons traffic
Cargo: Monument Tank Tiger Weight: 40 tons
Cargo: Big Bell Weight: 45 tons
Cargo: Baustellen Zubehöhr Weight: 15 tons
Cargo: Wind Turbine Teile Weight: 20 tons”

Roadhunter and many more

Mod: New Backlight Doll Vario 3Achs V 6.3

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