Pacton Container Pack

Pacton Container PackDownload Pacton Container Pack made by MarcDo for ETS2, tested on 1,25 game version.

Pacton Container Pack


In this pack you have 40ft adn 45ft containers, 30ft tank container, empty chassis, 20 ft and 40ft and more!
All trailers are standalone and present in traffic.

Credits: Richal Lechuza, MarcDo, Holly, Ohaha, Abasstreppas, Arnook, Roadhunter, Samson, Nordisch, Reyhan Ramadhan, Tony1971, Donaldboy, Powerkasi, EED123, Gordon_Gecko, Capelle, SheryO and Pauli

Mod: Pacton Container Pack

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Download (200 MB)

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