Pacton Container Pack V 2

Pacton Container Pack V 2Pacton Container Pack V 2 made by MarcDo, tested on 1,25 game version.

Pacton Container Pack V 2


The pack include:
20ft and 40ft empty chassis, 40ft container, 45ft container, 40 ft reefer container, 40ft high cube container, 20ft chrome cistern container, 30ft tank container, 2x 20ft chemical container etc.

Credits: Richal Lechuza, Donaldboy, Ohaha, Arnook, Roadhunter, Nordisch, Holly, Gordon_Gecko, Reyhan Ramadhan, SheryO, Tony1971, Powerkasi, Abasstreppas, EED123, Capelle, Pauli, Samson.

Mod: Pacton Container Pack V 2

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