Scania RJL Tuning 2.2 + Tandem trailers

Scania RJL Tuning 2.2 + Tandem trailers
Tuning mod v2.2 for Scania RJL and tandem trailers. Mod pack made by Shineslip and tested on 1.18 version.


This mod consists of 2 files: Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.2_DLC_v2.2.scs and Scania_R_Streamline_modifications_v1.2_DLC_v2.2_BDF_Cargoes.scs.

– Backlights “Burger”
– Stickers on side window
– Speakers in doors
– Griffins of doorhandles are moved to a separate slot
– Rework mudflaps slot
– Variants of foglights
– Added slot “Others” to UK interiors
– Some bugfixes

Parts: Rjl, 50k, sattan19990, sky76, Matthias, Henki73, V8K-Blaine, pete379jp, vecc21, Bobi27015, ton, Matt_streamline, Igor Nitch, Flemming, Vinzel and others.

Mod: Scania RJL Tuning 2.2 + Tandem trailers

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Download (121MB) (sharemods)

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