Trailer Mod Pack v 2.5

Trailer Mod Pack v 2.5
Download Trailer Mod Pack v 2.5 mod by satan19990, LPhoenix, Nordish and Boramjaym65 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.4.8 and versions.

Trailer Mod Pack v 2.0

Trailer Mod Pack v 2.0 video:

– All trailers are stand alone now
– Changes in Kogel MAXX
– Added Narko trailer
– Added Krone trailer for logs
– Added Krone flatbed with 3 cargos
– Added Bodex trailer
– Added Schmitz refrigerated
– Added Pezzaioli trailer
– Added Jumbo trailer
– Added container schmitz trailer
– Added cement mixer
– Added open top trailer
– New skins for Krone, Schmitz and other trailers
– New trailer replacing food cistern trailer
– New trailer replacing chemical cistern trailer
– New trailer Kogel MAXX replacing Aero trailer
– Edited glass trailer
– Edited log trailer
– Edited gooseneck trailer
– Edited Fuel cistern trailer
– Edited name of cargo and mas
– Added skins for other trailers

Mod: Trailer Mod Pack v 2.5

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Download links:
Link1 Download (101MB) (uploaded)

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