ZORZI Platform trailer mod (ETS21.27)

ZORZI Platform trailer
Download ZORZI Platform trailer mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and tested on 1.27 version.



– Standalone trailer, not included in traffic
– ATC, Animated Brace, wheels, lights

List of cargoes:
Empty – standart game (without DLC)
Digger 500 – standart game (without DLC)
Aircond – DLC Heavy Cargo
Forklifrts – standart game (without DLC)
Helicopter – DLC Heavy Cargo
Excavator – standart game (without DLC)
Roller – DLC Heavy Cargo
Tube – DLC Heavy Cargo
Tracks – DLC Heavy Cargo
Tractor – DLC Heavy Cargo
Digger 1000 – standart game (without DLC)
Trailers – standart game (without DLC)
Drilliner – DLC Heavy Cargo
Windplant – DLC Scandinavia
Windtube – DLC Scandinavia
Tractors – standart game (without DLC)

Credits: HomerS and Dyndel.

Mod: ZORZI Platform trailer mod (ETS21.27)

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Download (30MB)

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