Kenworth T800 Karma Edit

Kenworth T800 Karma Edit
The Kenworth T800 truck mod ready for 1.19 patch. Mod made by DB3, Dmitry68, Stels, OQ37, Ventyres, Kriechbaum and Karma_Fuel.

– Not much, just edited some prices and unclock levels, removed custom skins (use skin mods), repacked and ready for Mod Manager.
Find it at DAF dealer. Templates included.

Mod: Kenworth T800 Karma Edit

Posted in: Trucks

Download (51MB) (google drive)
– New version: Kenworth T800 for patch 1.20


  1. Joseph Gonzalez
      • Joseph Gonzalez
          • Joseph Gonzalez
  2. Leigh MacKay
  3. Matthew Lyman

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