Reworked Scania R by GT-Mike

Reworked Scania R by GT-Mike
Download Reworked Scania R mod by GT-Mike for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on 1.10.x and 1.11 versions.

At the very beginning I’d like to thank you for downloading my mod.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Mod: GTM Scanias Reworked
Version: v1.2 – official release
Tested on Version: 1.10.x

What this mod does?
This is a semi-standalone mod – models included in this mod do not affect the ingame truck they just add new cabins, chasis and accessory options.
Mod includes:
-3 new cabins for Scania R2009
-8 new chasis for Scania R2009
-new countless tuning options

Mod is unlocked so you may alter it in any way you find propper for your needs.
If you want to use parts of this mod feel fre to do it – just send me an info on
SCS Software forum:
It also would be very kind if you placed my name in credits πŸ˜‰

Installing mod:
Just place the .scs archive in your …/Euro Truck Simulator2/mod folder

Known issues:
Haven’t found anything serious


-Mod created by GT-Mike
-Models SCS software: Reworked by GT-Mike
-Custom Models: GT-Mike
-3D Program – Blender with Blender2SCS addon

Special Thanks to:
-WerewolfCustoms for new parts icons and beta testing

For this mod Exclusive addon package is available at:

Mod: Reworked Scania R by GT-Mike

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Download links:
Link1 Download (19MB) (mediafire)
Link2 Download (19MB) (fileswap)

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