Scania R700 V2.2 by AU44 (1.4.x)

Scania R700 V2.2 by AU44 (1.4.x)
Download Scania R700 V2.2 mod by AU44 for Euro Truck Simulator 2, working with 1.4.8 version.

Scania R700 V2.2 video by ModboxUS:

– Автор 3D модели (3D model author): serega2012
– Автор конверта в ETS2 (author convert to ETS2): AU44
– Автор зеркал в салоне (author interior miror): AU44
– Автор флаерпака (author FlaresPack’s): SCS, AU44
– Автор интерьера (author interiors):HaXwell
– Автор колес (author wheel):SCS, AU44
– Автор скинов (author skins): HaXwell
– Автор белого скина под дефолт (author skins default): unicorn0007 Переделка под R700 (author skins R700): AU44
– Автор templates (author templates): AU44
Fully independent model, it doesn’t replace other model. You can buy it in the Scania showroom. His flaerpak, its wheels. Also there is an upgrade!
In the archive there templates for creating skins!
Describe what has been changed and will not be added, as you should know)!
The model was made only by 4×2, and disfigure it under the 6×4 and 6×2 will not.
HaXwell Special thanks for help with the test.

Mod: Scania R700 V2.2 by AU44 (1.4.x)

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Download links:
Link1 Download (18MB) (mediafire)

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