SCOT A2HD truck mod 1.04

SCOT A2HD truck mod 1.04
This is truck mod SCOT A2HD version 1.04 tested on Euro Truck Simulator 1.25 version.


– Pretty much settled the troublesome shadow issue with the hood.
– All motors ought to now work with versatile programmed
– All motors now have more reasonable representative conduct (in light of genuine hang specs)
– Settled a crash with the brisk employment “A” truck
– Included DLC Controlling Wheels Manifestations Pack!
– Included and fixes all wheels from Superliner!
– Included new stable motors for Truck!
– Included a couple of new mudflap plans
– Included another paintjob, and symbols for existing ones
– Air cleaner pre-channels are presently an embellishment
– Controlling wheel is presently an adornment (I will discharge a different mod soon to empower SCI wheels for the individuals who have the DLC)
– Patched up appearance of guards, visor, and flame broil. There are currently 3-4 appearance choices for every: plain aluminum, cleaned aluminum, chrome and (for visor and flame broil) paint.
– Patched up appearance of elastic parts
– Included Kysor KA-300 housetop aerating and cooling unit
– Increaded raise suspension travel; it’s presently more suitable for a mobile bar suspension (less stalling out at development locales, mines and quarries.
– There is presently a locator for ‘Reassure Things’ (inside extras)
– Haze lights are presently dynamic with headlights (for the time being until there is a superior arrangement without utilizing openings)
– Redressed a bug with the side mirrors (wrong name on camera locators)
Known issues:
– Turn flag flares still light up inside (bringing on a casing drop for a few clients); It is high on my schedule. On the off chance that the edge drop is extreme, you can handicap optional vehicle lights for the time being and that ought to decrease or dispense with it.
– The inside appearance still isn’t awesome on/over the entryways.
– Base shade of “B” snappy employment truck paintjob gets randomized

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Mod: SCOT A2HD truck mod 1.04

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SCOT_A2HD_v1.04_for_1.25.rar – 73.9 MB
SCOT_A2HD_v1.04_for_1.25.rar – 73.9 MB

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