Volvo VNL 670 truck mod 1.5 by Aradeth

Volvo VNL 670 truck mod 1.5 by Aradeth
This is version 1.5 of Volvo VNL 670 truck mod Aradeth, working on 1.25 version.


New in this version:
– New 1800 degree steering wheel animation.
– Added retarder and lift-axle indicators.
– Added wiper, light horn, retarder stick animations.
– The GPS screen and steering wheel are animated now. They’ll come up when you start the engine.
– Driving wheel is now a seperated accessory(ATS v1.4 feature), you can use new steering knobs.
Also it fully supports new steering wheel position adjustment feature.
– Added a new set of steering wheel with modern Volvo badge.
– Added gas pedal animation. It’ll move when you hit the gas.
– Added an animated interior light/beacon switch button.
– Added TV screen animations. They’ll work when you start the engine.
– Added trailer air supply stick animation.It’ll work when you attach/detach your trailer.
– Added gear animation.(R,N,D)
– Added new realistic dashboard computer. (Thanks to Piva)
– Added 21 new HD mudflaps.
– Added 2 new aerokit.
– Added more slots for interior accessories.(Use SiSL’s Mega Pack, for sure.)
– Added new ISX engine sounds(Thanks to Kriechbaum), old ISX sounds are still available as seperate engines.
– Added engine brake parameters to all engines. (kriechbaum)
– Added ATS 1.4 feature, dashboard is lit with electricity (ignition) on to improve visibility during day.
– Removed some loud truck noises(tire, wind etc.)
– Fixed interior view of sunshields.
– Fixed the issue that makes some lights and horns of vanilla trucks unvisible.
– Other texture, material, model, def reworks…
– Added front/back licence plate holders with/without light and custom texture.

– Standalone, buy it from Volvo dealers
– Works with Cabin Accessories DLC
– Available for quick jobs
– If you have previous version you don’t need to sell it before installing this one

Credits: Aradeth, Kriechbaum, ohaha, Martinezio, Piva, RJL, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Nado, Big Bob, AlexeyP.

Mod: Volvo VNL 670 truck mod 1.5 by Aradeth

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