Bibendum Custom Mod 1.02

Bibendum Custom Mod 1.02
This is Bibendum Custom Mod 1.02 and it’s a add-on for the Michelin DLC.

Bibendum Custom Mod

Version: 1.02 – 13/02/2017
– Added Monsieur Bibendum with german traditional clothes.
Version: 1.01 – 09/02/2017
– Added white body and blue sash Bibendum.
– Increased size of model images in store items, for enhanced visibility.
Version: 1.0 – 07/02/2017
– Initial release.

You need to have:
– Michelin DLC
– ETS2 1.26 version


Mod: Bibendum Custom Mod 1.02

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Download mod (1.5MB)

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