GTM Kelsa Doublebar Pack

GTM Kelsa Doublebar Pack
Download GTM Kelsa Doublebar Pack mod made by GT-Mike for ETS 2 mods, tested on 1.21 version.


Small and simple mod that adds Kelsa double bar to RJL’s Scania and both ingame Scania’s (with support for my Reworks mod)
Each cab now has correct node layout so you may add additional lights to ingame Scania’s grills.

What’s new in this release?
Mod now adds new Kelsa double roofbars in 2 versions, 3 variants each.
Fitted individually for each cabin.
Beacon version comes with 25 part slots.
Non-beacon version has 32 slots.
Separate downloads for RJL and SCS Scania.

Mod: GTM Kelsa Doublebar Pack

Posted in: Tuning & Parts

Download (3MB) (sharemods) – SCANIA SCS
Download (3MB) (sharemods) – SCANIA RJL

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