GTM P & G Cabins for Scania RJL (2.1)

GTM P & G Cabins for Scania RJL
Update 2.1 for GTM P & G Cabins for Scania RJL, a mod that adds a number of new cabins for Scania RJL.


New in 2.1:
– fixed material files causing white lights on front fenders and some strange texture artifacts
– updated engine def files for new 5 series high grill to remove a rare chance of game crashing when using 5 series high grill and switching to R cab
– added default gearboxes to cab def files to ensure compatibility with custom gearbox mods

Credits: GT-Mike and RJL.

Note: This tuning mod is for Scania RJL truck, so you need the truck too!

Mod: GTM P & G Cabins for Scania RJL (2.1)


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Download (30MB) (sharemods)
New version 2.3

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