GTM Scania Reworks Karma Edit

GTM Scania Reworks Karma Edit
This is an edit of GTM Scania Reworks 1.4 by GT-Mike. It was updated to work on 1.18 and 1.19 patches.

GTM Scania Reworks cabinsGTM Scania Reworks chassisGTM Scania Reworks plastic parts

– This mod works for default SCS Scania R and Streamline trucks.
– It adds various tuning options and addons such as new cabins and chassis with painted plastic, sunvisors, side skirts and more.

– Updated the engines – only removed motor brake line causing the console errors
– Now accessories & parts are available from level 1
– Mod was tested on 1.18 patch and simultaneous Scania T, Scania RJL and Volvo 2013
– No errors.

For this mod Exclusive addon package is available at:

Credits: GT-Mike
Edit: Karma_Fuel

Mod: GTM Scania Reworks Karma Edit

Posted in: Tuning & Parts

Download (20MB) (mediafirepro)

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