Lux Accessories for Scania RJL [0.8.5 BETA]

Lux Accessories for Scania RJL
Download update 0.8.5 for the Lux Accessories tuning made for for Scania RJL truck.


New in v0.8.5:
– Reworked Grill Lux (remove grid, now compatible to original grid)
– Removed Grill V8 Lux
– Added Grid LUX & Grid V8 Lux (new type of frame, compatible to Grill Lux and Grill original for Scania RJL)
– Added Lux Bottomgrill with Slot for accessories
– Reworked Taillights Stock Streamline with and Without exhaust (add Slot for accessories)
– Added new type for door handle (have door chrome frame)

This tuning mos is for Scania RJL truck

Credits: Sn00ky89, GTMike

Mod: Lux Accessories for Scania RJL [0.8.5 BETA]

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Download (23MB) (sharemods)

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