Renault Magnum Updates mod 13.20

Renault Magnum Updates 13.20
A tuning mod only for Renault Magnum truck. Mod author Knox_xss and was tested on ETS2 1.18.3 patch.


Lots of tuning options like BDF, ADR plates, painted plastic parts, skins, beacons, GPS, many interior accessories like radio, LCD TV, lights, various addons and much more.

Version 13.20:
– Adaptation to the new versions of the game problematic parts truck
– Lots of minor changes on the model and the cabin
– Fixed animation and enhanced cabin
– Wiper lever is now moving in the right direction and has 4 positions
– Fixed location of stoplights
– Added new flashing beacons and signs and signs on the front grille
– Added option windscreen with green tinted top
– Added a few options chocks
– Added an option increase of $ navigator
– Removed Navigator “TomTom” by Matthias
– Converted weight distribution of the axes for all Chassis
– Expanded range of gear ratios for some rear axle transmissions
– The trip computer page added “ETA:”, showing the mileage to the point of arrival
– In the long wheelbase chassis rear can now mount a spare wheel or a tool box, left and right
– Booths and trailers BDF are three types: Coolliner, Profiliner and Universal, each with skins
– For the BDF added their own loads, which are added after the title “(BDF)”
– Loads for complete coupling (box + trailer) – light and bulky, and have a preview trailer
– Loads exclusively for booth preview of the trailer does not have a
– The list of the types of goods added icon for trucks BDF

Credits: Knox_xss

Mod: Renault Magnum Updates mod 13.20

Posted in: Tuning & Parts

Download (153MB) (uploadfiles)
Download (153MB) (mega)

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