Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 by 50keda

Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 by 50keda
Download Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 mod by 50keda for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 video by Allan Tipton:

Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 video by Games & More:

At the very beginning I’d like to thank you for downloading my mod.
I hope you will enjoy it.
Mod: zzScaniapack – 10×4 chasis
Version v0.9 – Beta
What this mod does?
First of all it’s a true addon – no files are replaced – maximum compatibility.
(materials and textures are duplicated but should not affect those already ingame)
This mod adds 8 versions of 10×4 chasis for Scania R 2009 truck.
(with or without painted grill/ normal or V8 front bumper/ additional fueltank or stock)
It also add 2 new heavy loads companies skins: Mammoet and V.D. Vlist.
Prices of chasis, as well as its’ weights are set to realistic values.
Unlocking levels are 16-22 for diferrent versions.
Each chasis has 4-wheel drive and 6-wheel steering.
Due to rear wheels beeing steerable truck may behave diferrently at high speeds.
To reduce negative effects last axle is slightly lifted. This allows keeping turning abilities at low speeds.
Base fueltank capacity is 200l. Aditional fueltank adds 1200l.
V8 bumper is fully skinnable and compatible with standard skinning template.
Shadows are converted from 6×4 version but should be properly displaying.
Mod is unlocked so you may alter it in any way you find propper for your needs.
If you want to use parts of this mod feel fre to do it – just send me an info on SCS Software forum:
It also would be very kind if you placed my name in credits 😉
Known issues:
-chasis has preety basic collisions set so in some situations clipping may occur – this will be fixed in next release
-“Ranger” bottomgrill is not compatible with V8 bumper
-Skins are created with basic patters so they may not look 100% like original – this will be fixed in next release
-Chasis has no icon in menu (this doesn’t affect gameplay in any way) – this will be fixed in next release
-Models and Skins: GT-Mike
-Prefabs and Textures: SCS Software
-3D Program – Blender with Blender2SCS addon by: 50keda
With any questions and suggestions feel free to PM me on SCS Software forum.
Feel free to comment on official mod’s post:

Mod: Scania R 2009 Addon chassis 10×4 by 50keda

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Download links:
Link1 Download (7MB) (mediafire)
Link2 Download (7MB) (depostifiles)
Link3 Download (7MB) (depostifiles)
Link4 Download (7MB) (uploaded)

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