Viking Oversize tuning

Viking Oversize tuning
Download Viking Oversize tuning mod by Upiter and others for Euro Truck Simulator 2, tested on version.

This mod adds 1 skin, custom wheels, lightbar, beacon, lamps, chassis and more.

The idea – Boychyk, Upiter
Skins – Upiter
Permit and fit – Upiter, rus47tam, Alexx O
Authors: Upiter, Hunter Road, Daltontune, Chiffchaff, AU44, dbulow, HAMED30, Dragon.911, Pe11e, Alexx O, pete379jp, rus47tam, Thunderhawk, pat623, igut, Misha228.

Mod: Viking Oversize tuning

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Link1 Download (76MB) (sharemod)

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